USB Powered | Hand Treatment Tool  | Hot Throw 

    Dermatologist | Esthetician Recommended Treatment Tool



    INSIDE OUT SOLUTIONS™: This revolutionary portable candle paraffinating tool will melt any SCOTT-VINCENT BORBA REVERENCE or ESSENCE TREATMENT CANDLE 2 in 1 into a paraffin dip for treatment use on hands and feet. Paraffin treatments help hydrate and soften by increasing circulation to the skin, which allows the hydrating elements to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. The heating element of the paraffinating tool helps to “hot throw” the fragrance, which is the fragrance emitted from a candle when it is burned or melted. 

    Suggested use: Plug USB power chord into USB compatible power source. Allow one (1) minute for tool to warm up. Place candle on heated metal middle. Larger candles will take longer to melt. When you paraffinate candle, do not touch SCOTT-VINCENT BORBA PARAFFINATING TOOL while on. Once melted, apply carefully to hands and feet. Wrap with cellophane. Remove in fifteen (15) minutes. Turn off and let tool cool before storing. 

    Warning: Keep away from children and pets. Use only as directed.