ESSENCE TREATMENT CANDLE | 2 in 1 | TRAVEL | .3oz - 8.6g

    Sensual | Controlled | Intoxicating | Exquisite

    Dermatologist | Esthetician Tested  & Recommended Treatment Candles 


    INSIDE OUT SOLUTIONS™:  A sensually perfumed candle that was designed to also be warmed and used as a hand-foot paraffin treatment. This perfect marriage of freshly churned Cream and sweet spun Honey gently perfumes the room and comforts the soul. The overall character of this candle is sweet Cream, with top notes are fresh Pineapple, Garden Green and air fresh Aldehydes. Middle notes consist of sweet Violet that gives a deep velvety texture with heady white flower notes of Muguet, Jasmin and bright Cherry Blossom. Usually the Cream floats to the top, but in this fragrance it is the backbone and resides in the base of the formula. This sweet Cream is reinforced with Coconut Lactones, Retro-Musk, Caramel and Sandalwood. 

    Suggested use: Trim wick to 1/2 inch prior to lighting. If you choose to paraffinate candle, do not touch SCOTT-VINCENT BORBA PARAFFINATING & CANDLE WARMING TOOL while on. Once melted, apply carefully to hands and feet.  Wrap with cellophane and treat for fifteen (15) minutes before pulling wax with cellophane off.    

    Please note: The golden candle color signifies a high level of fragrance oil concentration.  Ingredients: Paraffin Wax, Fragrance. 

    Warning: All candles should be burnt within sight. Keep away from children and pets. Use only as directed. Burn on a stable, non-flammable heat resistant surface. Allow candle to cool before handling. Burn in well ventilated room. Burn no longer than 4 hours. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.