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INSIDE OUT SOLUTIONS™: While searching to heal his own cystic acne, SCOTT-VINCENT BORBA discovered that the key to outer clarity begins on the inside. When you feed your skin with what it needs both internally and externally, all of the layers work synergistically to reveal healthy and flawless-looking skin. With Skintervention, you will uncover your skin saboteurs and learn how to remedy them with the best products and foods, and a few tweaks to your beauty routine. Also, enjoy “Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous: Skin-Friendly Super foods, Age-Reversing Recipes, and Fabulous Homemade Facials”. 

When the rich and famous need to look red-carpet-ready, they call SCOTT-VINCENT BORBA, celebrity esthetician and skin-care pioneer. Why? Because Borba knows beauty, and his revolutionary approach can transform your skin whether you're battling wrinkles and brown spots, cellulite and menopausal breakouts, or clogged pores and blackheads. Skintervention shows you how to dig deeper (literally)―from your pantry to your products―to find your unique skin-care solution and the glowing skin that goes with it.